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MODA MINI COVE Interior is an award winning, line voltage, cove lighting system. This patented series is now available in DMX controllable Dynamic White. Ideal for cove and alcove applications where high quality tunable white is a requirement. Advanced Moda microprocessors allows the fixtures to be controlled via standard DMX512 signals. This, together with a non-linear dimming algorithm results in ultra smooth transitions and dimming across the white light spectrum.


Moda Light utilizes the industries most advance LEDs that are strictly single bin, (2-step MacAdam Ellipse), ensuring uniform and consistent white light. Moda Light’s intelligent and simplified systems do not require any additional power/data enablers, and with 100-277V line voltage as standard, Moda Mini Cove Interior is a fast and simple product to install.


The fixture incorporates an integral, patented, self-locking bracket which can slide along the body of the fixture and be rotated 170 degrees. The built-in male & female connectors have thumb latch connectors resulting in fast, simple installation. Constructed from lightweight, durable aluminum with excellent thermal characteristics as well as integrating quality American Made electronic components. The specialized polymer optical lens combined with a cleverly designed Light Chamber delivers a light bending 200 degree beam pattern, perfect for cove installations with no color over angle, no striations or dark spots.


With the ability to mix our own phosphors Moda Mini Cove Interior maintains a High Color Rendering Index of 96-98 regardless of the color temperature selected. R1-R15 tested to TM30-15 with values in excess of 90, creating beautiful illumination.


Moda Mini Cove Interior, Dynamic White allows the ability to control color temperature within the same small fixture. Research has shown that adjusting color temperature will affect mood. The sun naturally cycles through various color temperatures every day. Cooler color temperatures stimulate a focused, alert state and increase productivity. Warmer color temperatures contributes to a calmer, relaxing environment and data shows it enhances melatonin production at night. Moda Dynamic White is able to mimic daylighting and the natural circadian rhythms that accompany it. Specifiers are encouraging the use of these platforms to enhance education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and even correctional facilities. Yellows and gold finishes are enhanced with warmer color temperatures. Silvers appear brighter with cooler color temperatures. While enhancing the ambiance of space using Dynamic White is an important aspect of the technology, the ability to address and control each 1ft individually also allows the user to create various scenes within the white light installation–for example, color temperature cross fades, chasing scenes and sparkles.


Choose from Dynamic White (2200K-6500K), Dynamic Warm (1800K-3000K) or Dynamic Cool (3500K-6500K). 1800K is candlelight–perfect for hospitality. 2700K is an excellent example of resembling incandescent illumination. Colors are crisp and sharp, ideal for all applications which require a high quality incandescent look. The Moda Light 3000K is often described as one of the best looking 3000K in the industry. 3500K has now become our standard go to temperature. 4000K is perfectly suited for offices and retail. Single binning means every fixture will have the same CCT–something that Moda has been doing since 2006. Choose from 1ft or 4ft sections. Accessories include a Moda DMX wiring Hubs for fast hassle free wiring and an easy to install mounting track.


Tested by Intertek to UL1598 for use in USA & Canada. CE Approved. WEE. RoHS Compliant. TM-30-15 Tested. US Patent No. D787,112 and D783,890.


Product Innovation Award (PIA) Winner 2016 for Best Luminaire. LFI Innovation Award 2017 Finalist for Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Cove, Strips and Tape. Lux Award Commended for Interior Product of the Year 2016. Darc Awards Finalist for Best Architectural Lighting Product - Interior Luminaires 2016. International Design Excellence Award for Innovative Product Design Finalist 2016.


Designed & Developed by MODA LIGHT in Las Vegas, USA.






  • Smooth Color Transitions
  • Small Size Fixture
  • Easy Wiring
  • No Date Boxes Required
  • 100-277V 50/60Hz
  • Wide 200 Degree Beam Angle
  • Digital Control
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 170 Degree Rotation
  • 1ft & 4ft Sections
  • Aluminum Fixture
  • Damp Location Rated
  • Mounting Track







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