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Moda Light. Luminaries in the SSL industry, sophisticated engineering, award winning technology, and intelligent lighting. Before identifying ourselves as strictly a SSL hardware company, we are first a technology company that stands solid in our development of SSL software. This focus allows us to stand out amongst other companies as we continue to deliver never before seen industry results with longevity, sheer ease of use, and the creative aesthetics of our products. We continue to develop a wide range of different color temperatures and options to be suitable for any project–big or small. We specifically pay attention to the quality of each component to reflect the high standards we place on the development, programming, and construct process that we already have.

Besides being a fixture company Moda also has an industry leading advanced software division. Our technology is incorporated into many fixtures programmed into the microprocessors to allow for smooth, step-free, noise and flicker free dimming down to zero percent on white light with many of todays popular dimmers. Smart dim to warm technology - Glowdim. Intelligent DMX 512 fixtures for color changing and Dynamic White applications.

Our patent pending new dimming technology enables our fixtures to dim so precise and to be flawless at the low end trim of a dimming system. Combining our advanced firmware with intelligent micro processors and dimming chips, this technology creates a 100-0% dimming curve, smooth, no noise and flicker free and allows our lighting systems to be completely synchronized.

This propriety new ASIC - Application-Specific Integrated Circuit technology eliminates the need for a separate driver and incorporates a forward thinking power on board system which replicates the same functionality as an LED board and separate driver. Yet enables the fixtures size to decrease, and increases longevity by reducing the number of electronic components.

Advanced Technology enables Moda to offer the World’s first DALI dimming line voltage fixtures without the use of any interface, converter or bridge. DALI signal direct into our line voltage fixtures means that an installation can be done much faster than having to wire complex bridges, converters or adapters and saves costs by not having to purchase additional third party equipment. Another huge step forward in the lighting specification industry by Moda.

Is an Advanced Patented Technology based upon DMX512 protocol. Auto addressing and DMX is simultaneously broad-casted using just 2 wires, hence our DMX Solutions require only a 5 wire connection without the need for any costly and time consuming data boxes. Within our firmware our fixtures boost the DMX signal it receives so every fixture restores the RS-485 signal to it’s original strength ensuring that there is no data loss and eliminating the need for any boosters or amplifiers even after 32 connections. DMX reflection is no longer a problem as our firmware eliminates all DMX reflection so our terminators no longer require a resistor inside, thus our new terminators are compact in size and just protect against potential electrical shock as a regular terminator.

Technology that connects one or more devices to another sending data to control dimming, colors, etc. without additional wiring. Offers more intelligent choices to the lighting designer and architect.

Proprietary technology which allows conversion of one signal to another different signal. Our Bridge device converts a 0-10V signal into an Electronic Low Voltage signal (ELV) enabling control of all of our ELV fixtures with a standard 0-10V dimmer.

Polytetrafluoroethylene based formula developed by Moda with its strength of carbon-fluorine bonds Moda Guard creates an excellent tough coating to protect our exterior products from the harshest environments around the world.

Unique Technology which allows smooth flicker free synchronized dimming to 0% which reduces the intensity of the light fixture and decreases the color temperature to resemble incandescent illumination.

Strategically designed vents incorporated around each die creates a natural air flow. This air movement naturally cools the dies and the fixture which decreases phosphor degradation, increasing longevity of the driver and the L70 of our fixtures.

Every optic used in our fixtures have been carefully designed by Moda using Cycle-Olefin Polymers and are accurate & precise for perfect illumination. Unique use of quality Optical thermoplastics improve delivered light performance of our fixtures to enable no color over angle, no striations, interlocking fields of light for smooth uniform grazing and wall washing.

Unique linear optics for mid power dies designed and developed by Moda.

Advanced Resin Thin film ceramic coating which provides a tough, hard, durable and abrasion resistant finish to our products.

Every Moda product which has an onboard or remote driver has been custom designed by our Engineers to be specific to our products and is designed for long life and incredible performance. To date we currently have over 60 unique drivers that we are currently using to power our advanced fixtures.

Moda engineered device within fixtures that provides power while being a discreet size. Our Moda Mini Cove utilizes this new technology allowing the fixture to be extremely small and accept 100-277V input.

Clever hidden designs within our fixtures allow for superior waterproofing properties and the movement of natural microscopic water vapor through our fixtures.

Lighting manufactures just focus on making fixtures and stop there. They fall short. At MODA we believe that every single step, every single component should be reviewed and taken as far as humanly possible. White LEDs are blue LEDs with a phosphor coating. It is the properties of the phosphor that dictates CRI, R1-R15, TM30-15, Chromaticity ordinates and lumen values. By obtaining the best dies from the world’s top five vendors we mix our own phosphors to our own precise values to create the best performing LEDs with incredibly high CRI values, R1-R15 values all in the high nineties and great TM30-15 results. This has a direct impact on our fixture performance. Our fixtures produce clean  high quality illumination which is consistent and will last for many years. This technology is not only limited to white light. We are able to produce an array of saturated static colors, colors which are not achievable using standard RGB/RGBA or RGBW mixing fixtures. We are able to match corporate colors even some unusual dark colors. The benefit is a cost effective static mono color solution which is consistent and will last.

Microchips on our products which regulate power to our semiconductors ensuring same uniform light output and current to each of our dies for smooth light distribution across a series of dies and an extended life.

By separating the driver from the LED board heat can naturally radiate through the fixture increasing the L70 of the fixture. Under powering the dies produces little heat eliminating the need for large heat sinks, which allows for a smaller fixture, longer life and little phosphor degradation.

Technology allows changing of white color temperatures from 3500K-6500K with CRI 90-98 and R1-R15 >90 using standard DMX 512 controllers.





Technology allows changing of white color temperatures from 2200K-6500K with CRI 90-98 and R1-R15 >90 using standard DMX 512 controllers.





Technology allows changing of white color temperatures from 1800K-3000K with CRI 90-98 and R1-R15 >90 using standard DMX 512 controllers.



Moda Light’s Single Binning methodology guarantees consistent uniform color temperatures in our complete line of products. Launched in 2006.

Implemented in 2016, MODA is making High Color Rendering Index as standard within all of our fixtures with no up charges - a first in the lighting specification industry.

Patented self locking and secure locking brackets designed exclusively for our fixtures.

A MODA developed tool-less, rapid install feature in many of our products.

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