MODA MINI COVE® / MODA MINI GRAZE® are both now available in 0-10V dimming models. No adapters are required, just standard 2 wire 0-10V connections to most 0-10V dimmers and dimming systems. Available in 1ft and 4ft sections and our regular color temperatures of 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Standard output (500 lm/ft) and High Output (1000 lm/ft).



MODA MINI COVE INTERIOR is an award winning, patented, miniature line voltage cove lighting system. Powerful and efficient with a choice of Standard Output at 502 lumens per foot or High Output delivering an astonishing 1004 lumens per foot packaged in a small size of just 1 2/5" (35mm) tall fixture.



Now available in mono static colors, these unique colors can enhance any environment. For projects which require a unique static color the only way to achieve this is by mixing red, green and blue colors with DMX 512 controls, DMX 512 enabled fixtures, DMX wiring and time to program the specific color required. This is now eliminated by choosing MODA MINI COVE Color. No longer do you have to worry about the red die degrading faster than green and blue dies, hence having a shift over time with the specific color the designer has chosen.



MODA MINI COVE® GLOWDIM® INTERIOR is an award winning, patented, miniature line voltage cove lighting system. GLOWDIM enabled fixtures when wired to a 0-10V dimmer to transition at 100% from 2700K down to 1800K when dimmed. Generally called “Dim to Warm” this feature strongly resembles incandescent illumination and transforms restaurants, bars and any hospitality location creating moods and warm environments. GLOWDIM utilizes MODA's high standard for perfect and precise illumination, with custom firmware programmed onto our microprocessors.



MODA BRIDGE1 is an Award Winning new control component from MODA. It solves many installation issues. It accepts a standard 0-10V signal from most dimmers and dimming systems and internally converts this signal into a Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) signal using MODA Cue™ Technology. Thus enabling 0-10V control of an ELV fixture. It is optimized to perform precise smooth flicker free dimming down to 0%.



Located in Texas A&M University rests the historic Aggie Bonfire Memorial. For 90 years, Texas A&M students built and burned a bonfire on campus each autumn to serve as a tradition against college rivals, University of Texas at Austin.


With visitors from all over the world, those involved in this project wanted to ensure the memory and spirit of the lives lost in the tragic collapse of 1999 were honored while giving visitors a beautiful display to admire.


Something bright, warm, yet bold to light up the night sky while being sophisticated and discreet during daylight hours, Putterman Scharck & Associates chose Moda Light’s Super Neon X Dome Amber to represent the flames of the bonfire.


To achieve the illumination of “flames” it was important to have a display of light that was projected mimicking a “glow” and the right color to mirror the bright, mesmerizing colors of fire. This was achieved by choosing Amber, displaying warm, yellowish orange tones equipped with a 180 degree viewing angle so that light was dispersed in a curved direction rather than straight-forward direction. And as an exterior project, collaborators were conscience of the inevitable harsh weather conditions to come but with an IP67 rating their minds were put to ease.


This circular structure paired excellently with Super Neon X Dome because of its ultra flexible design allowing it to bend against its line of light and ability to create endless contours, forms, lines, curves and shapes of powerful solid light. Super Neon X Dome was the perfect choice for this project.


While this was a tragic incident, Moda Light is honored to be a part of keeping the memories and tradition burning bright for years to come. Lighting Design by Bos Lighting Design.


Located on the Las Vegas Strip, a “build your own” sushi burrito restaurant has planted its roots. JABurritos features a unique combination of color changing light by suspending our RGBW AQUAFLEX® tape light with our high end aluminum JAX XTRUSION®.


Light Theory Studios based in Las Vegas ordered our JAX system finished in our new MODA CERTEK™ paint, an advanced resin thin film ceramic which provides a tough, hard, durable and abrasion resistant finish. They selected bright colors for Jaburritos interior. This unique and wild design is guaranteed to compliment a fulfilling experience. Designed by Light Theory Studios, Las Vegas.


Established in 1897, the Society of Arts and Crafts has been at the forefront of the American Craft movement for over one hundred years. Located in the heart of Boston this establishment selected Superflex® HO & X-Flex® to illuminate their coves. They needed in excess of 700 lm/ft and something that would be maintenance free and last for many years. Superflex® is now in its 10th year of production and we have sold in excess 1,000,000 feet. MODA was a simple choice for Sasaki Interior Design.


Lingo is a purveyor of fine dining from the esteemed Chefs at Restaurant Associates of Boston. This restaurant offers an enticing menu that includes a fresh take on American favorites and global street foods.


Equipped with flexible quick connectors for easy connections and quick installations around common curves, our low profile MODA ZILVA linear system was used extensively in this restaurant to create warm coves of smooth, striation & flicker free illumination for many years.

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